Barmera Handicap
29th Mar, 2015
1st Gordon Pipe
2nd Sue Lahainer
3rd Matthew Benson
4th Shane Pitman
5th Gordon Lawton
6th Lee Rasheed.

Unbelievable conditions in the Riverland today with great temperature, good light & low winds being the order of the day!

A small group today turned up for the blast out & back past the lake Bonney.

Handicaps as follows. Sue Lahainer & Gordon Pipe off of limit with a race distance of 40km�s.  Lee Rasheed & Shane Pitman set off at the same time as Sue & Gordon however they had a race distance of 50km�s to cover. Matt Benson left 4 minutes after these groups also with a race distance of 50km�s if front of him. Gordon  Lawton after a mid-week crash had a shortened race distance of 30km�s & left at the 26.5 minute mark.

Well Lee & Shane worked well together but not as well as Gordon & Sue. As Lee & Shane turned for the short lap Sue & Gordon were not far behind them. Matt was closer to Lee & Shane than what Shane & Lee were to Gordon Sue!

However Lee & Shane Rode hard but were unable to catch Sue & Gordon. Matt Benson with an awesome solo effort rounded up Lee & Shane on the second long lap about 5 km�s after the last turn. Gordon & Sue were not in sight! However the Pom (Gordon Lawton) was undertaking a solo effort of his own. He was passed by Sue & Gordon on his way out for his last short lap. Matt rode hard with Lee & Shane on his wheel. However the big Rash just couldn�t sustain the pace & went out the back to finish the race on his own. Shane locked on Matts wheel, unable to take a turn watched as Matt, in vein tried to reach Gordon & Sue. Shane just a passenger at this stage. Gordon & Sue would stay away with a great effort with young Pipe being the eventual victor with Sue hot on his heels!
   Matt & Shane would finish about 1 minute after Sue & Gordon.  Matt ensuring Pitman had no legs left for a sprint with his last km being the fastest of the race! Matt took 3rd with Pitman 4th Lawton gallant in 5th & Rasheed tough day 6th.

Matt average speed 38.7kmh Sue & Gordon P 31.0kmh, Gordon L 25kmh, Rasheed 33kmh & Pitman no technology fitted on rocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!