Lyrup Teams Race
2nd Mar, 2014

Team 1 (1st Place)
Steve Jaensch
Frank Sullivan
Ruth Strout
Peter Weston

Team 2 (2nd Place)
Colby Jachmann
Mick Gray
Gordon Pipe
Sue Lehainer

Team 3 (3rd Place)
Peter Burr
Lee Rasheed
Dean Frost
Peter Graves

Team 4 (4th Place)
Shane Pitman
Dennis Robinson
Angelo Ylia
Gordon Lawton

Teams 1,2 & 4 opted for each member doing 3 laps continuous with the combined team lap as the last one (not optional). Team 3 well who know?s what their strategy was? But none the less the racing was entertaining & all members enjoyed themselves. Team 1 were the eventual victors with team 2 coming in a close second. Team 3 finished a strong 3rd while Team 4 finished last by a country mile! They suffered a puncture on the start of the last leg which put them out of contention.

Lee Rasheed ?took the responsibility of the handicapping today. He was passionate to do so & did an excellent job. The race was looking interesting, I?m not sure that Team 4 would have been a threat to Team?s 1&2 but Team 3 may have had some pressure put on them if there wasn?t ?a puncture!

There was some great individual riders but some even better team efforts which was great to see.