Bob Francis HdCp Lindsay Pt.
26th Apr, 2015
Bob Francis Memorial Handicap April 26th 2015

1. Angelo Ylia

2. Glen O'Brien

3. Ruth Strout

4. Gordon Lawton

5. Matt Benson (FT)

6. A Boase

7. P Weston

8. Shane Pitman

DNF Colby Jachmann

First away was the Angelo Ylia, Ruth Strout, Peter Weston and Glen O’Brien. Weston punctured 16km out which put him out of the running. Next off the grid some 16 minutes later were Gordon Lawton riding a shorter distance of 32Km with Shane Pitman, Angus Boase and Colby Jachmann doing the full 50km. This would leave Matthew Benson setting off 6 mins later on his own to pull every one in. Ylia, Strout and O'Brien managed to catch Lawton 2km from the finishing line, Lawton hung on the back until the last 200 metres where the sprint pace was too much. The other three fought it out for the finish. Just one minute behind Lawton was Benson followed a few minutes behind him with Boase. The presentations were made by Peter Francis son of Bob Francis, sadly Dolcie Francis was missing due to her passing last year.