Tuesday night Criterium Monash
24th Mar, 2015

A/B Grade

1st Matthew Benson
2nd Steve Jeansch
3rd Ken Ridley
4th Lee Rasheed
5th Derek Martinson
6th Colby Jachmann
DNF Lee Stevens

C Grade

1st Gordon Pipe
2nd Peter Graves
3rd Glen O'Brien
4th Angelo Ylia

D Grade

1st Elle Hollamby
2nd Josh Ridley
3rd Tyler Stevens
DNF Gordon Lawton (Crashed)

Marshals: Peter Weston, Shane Pitman,

Windy, low light & a chill in the air indicate that the Criterium season is almost over with only one round left. 15 riders across 3 grades with shortened race times were as follows.
    D grade; Gordon Lawton, Tyler Stevens, Josh Ridley & Elle Hollamby. Elle gave the trio a 1/2 lap head start. Elle rode hard as did the trio of Lawton & Co. Unfortunately Lawton and Ridley would come to grief after a slight collision with Tyler Stevens. .Josh Ridley managed to recover quickly and the race went on. Elle gathered up the 2 youngsters to take the win!
    C grade; Peter Graves 1/4 lap head start, Gordon Pipe, Angelo Ylia & Glen O'brien. These guys gathered up Peter about 1/2 way through the race. The group worked well & rotated well with Gordon Pipe doing some big turns! Young pipe finished off a great race with a good sprint to take the victory.
     A/B Grade With many of the usual B grade group in good form & wanting to take the next step in Criterium racing.  We combined the whole group & applied a handicap to Matt Benson & Colby Jachmann as follows. Matt & Colby 1/4 lap handicap. Steve Jaensch, Lee Rasheed, Lee Stevens, Ken Ridley, Derek Martinson all started at the same time. Well the group stayed together for about 1/2 the duration of the race. Matt & Colby chased hard & initially were losing ground but after about 3 laps they started to hunt down the pack. The main group started splintering slowly as Jaensch kept the pace high to try to stay away. Matt caught the main group & only Jaensch went with him. Colby was dropped just before Matt caught everyone else & finished on his own.