Cooltong Handicap
2nd Aug, 2015
1st Matthew Benson (Fastest time)
2nd Stephen Jaensch
3rd Tyler Stevens
4th Peter Weston
5th Ruth Strout
6th Angelo Ylia
7th Clayton Bond
8th Gordon Lawton
9th Glen O'Brien
10th Terry Bond

Ten riders fronted up at Cooltong for the 40km handicap race. Condition were ok. The wind would be a factor shortly after the start of the race!
    Gordon Lawton & Tyler Stevens would start off the race on limit, with one less lap of the Cooltong circuit to cover than the rest of the field. Two minutes after the duo Angelo Ylia, Ruth Strout, Peter Weston & youngster Clayton Bond would head off with five laps ahead of them. At six minutes Terry Bond & Glen O'brien would take off in pursuit. Stephen Jaensch was the loan Chopping block rider departing at nine minutes. Scratch this week was Mathew Benson at eleven minutes after the rest of the field.
   This race turned out to be a handicappers nightmare, with Mathew Benson in awesome form, a couple hills & head wind to slow down the rest of the field! The catch was early. Matt had caught Jaensch on the second lap. They stayed together mowing down all in front of them for two laps, before Matt dropped Jaensch on the last hill of the last lap to take a victory in the Cooltong Hdcp.