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Gordon Lawton 
The Riverland Cycling Club thought it would be nice to celebrate the achievement's of Gordon in cycling and around the club. On behalf of the club we wish for his continued support of our little country club. Members both old and new appreciate the sometimes hard lessons of cycling. The following is a questionnaire sent to Gordon for him to reminisce and look back on his fondest memories of his cycling adventures. 

1. How long have you been riding/racing for? 
First time 6 years, 25 year break, second time 26 years. 

2. How many Tours of the Riverland races have you competed in? 

3. Have you ever won the Tour of the Riverland? 
No, best was 15th when everyone in front fell off 

4. Who is your favourite rider (either professional or local)? 
Robbie McEwen 

5. Who would be the best cyclist you have seen racing in the Riverland? 
Not having ever taken notice of visiting riders, the best Riverland CC rider would have to be Peter Gwynne followed by Hamish MacKirdy and the best consistent rider would have to be Micky Gray 

6. What is your most memorable crash? 
In 1994 competing in the Alice Springs Masters Games, broke 5 ribs on the track. Preparing for the final sprint I peeled off the front and up the bank, swooped down onto the rear of the field when the guy in front of me had a blow out and went down in front of my wheel 

7. What is your most memorable win? 
Not so much a win as a second place in the Hector Fletcher 45km consolation race. I was handicapped in the third bunch (not sure of the handicap). We pulled back the other two bunches and I made a break for it with 2 lady riders. One of those ladies proved to be stronger than I up the hill south of Kapunda 

8. How long have you been associated with the Riverland Cycling Club? 
Joined three months after it being formed so I suppose 26 years 

9. What is your favourite event and why? 
Track racing was always, but now I can't really compete, Road Racing now. On the track I loved sprinting and having that adrenalin rush at the finish of more than one race in a couple of hours. Nowadays handicap racing where sometimes I get a win and if it wasn't the handicapper being kind then I feel I have achieved the win 

10. How do you feel about competing against kids ? your age? 
I love it especially when they let me win! When they first come out and know nothing it is fun teaching them the tricks of the trade. Trouble is they learn too fast and then it is kill Gordon time 

11. What gives you the motivation to continue racing? 
In the early days was just being competitive against other riders of the same fitness and strength some days you won some days you didn't. These days just because I can and it must keep me fit and I really like it