Hall of Fame
Toby Bartsch Memorial Handicap Race Trophy

Trophy race was previously call the Loxton Traders 

 Toby started bike racing in his early 20′s. He was very successful on road and track, taking out the Anzac Day Wheel race in 1956 and 1959 in Renmark.. Retired from cycling at 30 when he married Maureen. At 60 he took up racing again with the club and unfortunately due to illness had to retired at 71. He passed away age 87 November 24th 2016.

Toby Bartsch Memorial Trophy

       2018          Lee Rasheed

2017          Greg Ormay

2016         Dennis Robinson

2015         Shane Pitman

2014         Mick Gray

Previously Loxton Traders

2013         No race held

2012         No race held

2011         Colin Gordon

2010         Angelo Ylia (held as Loxton Crit Series)

2009         Lee Stevens

2008         Bob Pankhurst

2007         Matthew Benson

2006         Josh Steele

2005         Amanda Steele

2004         Mark Kershaw

2003         Mark Moore

2002         Casey Danvers

2001         Casey Danvers

2000         Lara Mackerdy

1999         Toby Bartsch (Age 70)

1998         David Pahl

1997         Angus Boase

1996         John Danvers

1995         John Danvers

1994         Hamish Mackirdy

1993         Kevin Heritage

1992        Greg Ormay

1991        John Danvers

1990        Nathan Florimo