Hall of Fame
Stan Heritage Memorial Handicap Race Trophy
Stan Heritage grew up in Renmark - participated in Cycling, Cricket, Golf, Tennis and Rowing. He was a member of the Renmark Cycling Club from 1933 to 1939. In 1936 rode with the Sturt Cycling Club and was selected to ride in the 1936 Olympics but couldn't afford to pay for the trip so had to withdraw. In 1940 was again selected to ride in the road Olympics but this was cancelled due to the war. In 1933 was first in Renmark C.C. championship road race, at 15 years old. In 1934 took out the state Junior title. In 1938 was 1st and fastest in the Port Pirie 100 mile handicap. In 1939 was 1st and fastest in the Port Pirie 100 mile handicap. In 1939 was 1st and fastest in the Colac to Melbourne handicap. His preferred type of racing was road and track In 1940 raced with the famous Hubert Operman at Port Pirie Always raced in A grade His favourite riding outfit was a Red, White and Blue jumper and a cap from the Melbourne to Colac road race which he wore consistently.

2023                Clint Bambrick                                                                 FT Clint Bambrick
2022                Nick French                                                                     FT Clint Bambrick
2021                Clint Bambrick                                                                 FT Clint Bambrick     1.11:50
2020                Clint Bambrick                                                                 Ft Clint Bambrick
2019                Steve Jaensch                                                                 FT Tyler Beruldson  1:16:08 
2018                Ken Ridley                                                                       FT Lee Stevens       1:18:45
2017                Angelo Ylia                                                                      FT Sequioa Frahn    1:16:25
2016                Ruth Strout                                                                      FT Lee Stevens        1:20;48
2015                Matthew Benson                                                             FT Matthew Benson 1:14.20
2014 Colby Jachmann FT Colby Jachmann  1.19.20
2013 Peter Schammer FT Jacob Otto           1.22.30
2012                Shane Pitman                                                                  FT Angus Boase       1.21:28
2011                Lee Rasheed FT Lee Stevens         1.16.51
2010 Steve Jaensch         FT Lee Stevens         1.20.28
2009 Thomas Henderson (M-CCC) FT Dean Taylor          1.10.45 (M-CCC)
2008 Vince Trotter FT Chris Stevens
2007 Lee Stevens FT Lee Stevens         1.18.23
2006 Glen O'Brien FT Hamish MacKirdy 1:17:03
2005 Lee Stevens FT Lee Stevens         1.22.25
2004 Jo Matthews FT Hamish MacKirdy 1.16.08
2003 John Eshman FT Hamish MacKirdy 1.15.16
2002 John Danvers FT John Danvers       1.13.46
2001 Graham Butt FT Graham Butt         1.25.00
2000 Casey Danvers FT John Danvers       1.14.26
1999 David Pahl FT Hamish MacKirdy 1.15.22
1998 Clarence Brock FT Peter Gwynne       1.14.45
1997 Janine Webb FT John Danvers       1.09.00
1996 Clarence Brock FT Peter Gwynne       1.03.30
1995 Doug Holly FT Graham Elleway   1.10.50
1994 Angelo Ylia FT Graham Elleway   1.15.00
1993 Clyde Dohnt FT Kevin Heritage      1.15.30
1992 Reg Brock FT Mick Gray             1.13.00
1991 Craig Pankhurst FT John Danvers       1.15.20