Hall of Fame
Bob Fisher Memorial Trophy - Tour of the Riverland - Fastest Riverland Rider
    This trophy is presented to the fastest Riverland rider in the annual "Tour of the Riverland" put on by Norwood Cycling Club.
Bob Fisher grew up in Berri and was involved in racing for about 50 years. He joined the Club in the 1980s.Bob rode in the junior state track team and raced in Tasmania and Melbourne as a Professional track racer. Bob won the Renmark Wheelrace in record time and won the teams race at Berri in 1958 with Bob Pankhurst. Bob Fisher is remembered as a great A-Grade sprinter, who was a comedian on and off the track.

2023                   Clint Bambrick

2022                   Clint Bambrick

2021                   Clint Bambrick

2020                   Clint Bambrick

2019                   Clint Bambrick
2018                   Sequoia Frahn

2017                   Sequoia Frahn

2016                   Matthew Benson

2015                   Glen O'Brien
2014                   Shane Pitman
2013                   Chris Dalavalli 

2012                   Nathan Gregurke 

2011                   Lee Stevens 

2010                   Lee Stevens 

2009                   Matthew Benson 

2008                   Matthew Benson 

2007                   Hamish MacKirdy 

2006                   Hamish MacKirdy 

2005                   Hamish MacKirdy