Track Championships, Renmark
22nd Mar, 2015

Elimination Race

1st Colby Jachmann   (1 Points)   
2nd Shane Pitman       (2 Points)
3rd Lee Stevens          (3 Points)
4th Lee Rasheed         (4 Points)
5th  Angelo Ylia           (5 Points)
6th Peter Burr            (6 Points)
7th Frank Sullivan       (7 Points)
8th Brailey Jachmann (8 Points)

Flying 200 metre

1st Colby Jachmann 12.78 secs    (1 Point) (Club record prev held by Hamish McKirdy 13.50 secs 15/1/05)
2nd Lee Stevens 13.96 Secs         (2 Points)
3rd Peter Burr 14.80 secs             (3 Points)
4th Shane Pitman 15.09 secs        (4 Points)
5th Lee Rasheed 15.15 secs         (5 Points)
6th Frank Sullivan 15.88 secs       (6 Points)
7th Brailey Jachmann 16.10 secs (7 Points)
    Tyler Stevens 21.16 secs   (Not in Championship)

5000 metre Scratch

1st Colby Jachmann    (1 Points)
2nd Lee Stevens          (2 Points)
3rd Angelo Ylia             (3 Points)
4th Lee Rasheed          (4 Points)
5th Peter Burr              (5 Points)
6th Frank Sullivan        (6 Points)
7th Shane Pitman         (7 Points)
8th Brailey Jachmann   (8 points)

    4000 Metre Individual Pursuit
1st Colby Jachmann 5.34 Mins  (1 Points)
2nd Lee Stevens 5.57 Mins        (2 Points)
3rd Lee Rasheed 6.43 Mins        (3 Points)
4th Shane Pitman 6.44 Mins       (4 Points)
5th Peter Burr  6.52 Mins           (5 Points)
6th Angelo Ylia 6.57 Mins           (6 Points)
7th Brailey Jachmann 7.23 Min   (7 Points)
    Tyler Stevens 2000m 4.29 Mins (Not in Championship)

Overall Track Championship for 2015

1st Colby Jachmann    4 Points
2nd Lee Stevens          9 Points
3rd Lee Rasheed        16 Points
4th Shane Pitman       17 Points
5th Peter Burr            19 Points
6th Angelo Ylia           22 Points
7th Frank Sullivan      26 Points
8th Brailey Jachmann 31 Points

Awesome weather today, in-fact probably as close as you could get to perfect conditions in the Riverland!
 This made for some smoking times particularly in the flying 200m.
Lee Stevens organised the day�s events &  the 8 dedicated track racers would take it in their stride.
A mandatory heart starter was on the cards to get everyone warmed up. Much foxing & no real result worth
mentioning as all were saving themselves. Points not allocated towards championship for this one,
only bragging rights with which Colby took followed by the Burr!
    Points for championship were allocated with most number of points for last position &
least number of points for first, with the rider with the lowest points at the end of the day being the Champ.
Everyone enjoyed a BBQ with sausages, onion�s & sauce followed by a piece of birthday cake to celebrate
Lee Stevens birthday and well done to all that turned up for an enjoyable morning of racing.