Toby Bartsch Handicap
11th Sep, 2016

Sunday the eleventh of September saw a small field of seven riders nominate for the chance to take home the Toby Bartsch perpetual trophy along with some extra prize money. Loxton was the venue for the second running of the Toby Bartsch handicap and the riders couldn’t have asked for better weather, the sun was shining and the wind was gentle.

As with all handicapped road racing, the slower riders are given a head start over the faster riders. Todays limit group consisted of two riders, club stalwart Angelo Ylia who was accompanied by Dennis Robinson. Next away was Lee Rasheed, riding solo and needing to make up five minutes to the limit duo. At thirteen minutes behind the leaders were Peter Schammer, Gordon Pipe and Clint Bambrick. With sixteen minutes to make up on the limit group was the lone scratchman of Lee Stevens. 

Ylia and Robinson worked well at the front of the race to try and hold off the chasing riders. Rasheed was working as hard as he could to chase them down but was soon rounded up by the trio of Schammer, Pipe and Bambrick. While at the back of race Stevens was slogging it out on his own but was not making any headway into his deficit. In the final straight Schammer, Pipe and Bambrick had sight of Ylia and Robinson. Bambrick turned himself inside out to make the junction but was all to no avail as Robinson took out the win, closely followed by Ylia. Bambrick rounded out the podium with young Gordon Pipe hot on his heels for fourth. Peter Schammer rounded out the peleton in 5th place. Stevens put it all on the line for the final lap and was able to make up 25 seconds to claim fastest time with an average speed of 35.5 km/hr. Rasheed finished the days racing in seventh place.

1 Dennis Robinson

2 Angelo Ylia

3 Clint Bambrick

4 Gordon Pipe

5 Peter Schammer

6 Lee Stevens   F T

7 Lee Rasheed