Mark Manning Memorial Barmera
21st Jun, 2015

Conditions started out perfect for the Mark Manning Memorial with barely a ripple on Lake Bonney. However, as expected at the Lake, race conditions became more challenging as the wind picked up during the event. The race was split up into the following groups:


Angelo Ylia, Dennis Robinson, Pete Weston and Ruth Strout - Limit

 Terry and Clayton Bond - Limit and riding 40km - 6 minutes

 Steve Jaensch and Colby Jachmann - 12 minutes

 Matt Benson - 17 minutes


Terry and Clayton Bond (Father and Son) worked well together throughout their 40km distance and it was Clayton who outsprinted his father to take the overall and the Mark Manning Memorial Trophy. Averaging

just over 29kmh this was a great effort for the new riders. Matt Benson was in fine form riding solo from scratch having to make up 10 km and 11 minutes on the limit bunch of Terry and Clayton Bond. Averaging 38.1kmh solo, Matt fell short

by a couple of minutes but was able to overtake all other competitors and finish 3rd overall. The bunch of Ylia, Robinson, Weston and Strout worked tirelessly in the tough conditions and held onto the minor placings with Jaensch coming in 30

seconds after that bunch. Jachmann unfortunately was a DNF.

1 Clayton Bond
2 Terry   Bond
3 Matt    Benson (fastest time)
4 Dennis  Robinson
5 Peter   Weston
6 Angelo  Ylia
7 Ruth    Strout
8 Steve   Jaensch
DNF Colby Jachmann