Tuesday Criterium Monash
31st Mar, 2015

Criterium Monash March 31st 2015
 A Grade
 1st Chris Gartery
 2nd Ken Ridley
 3rd Lee Stevens
 4th Matthew Benson (1 min handicap)
 DNF Colby Jachmann (1 min Handicap)
 B grade
 1st Derek Martinson
 2nd Lee Rasheed
 3rd Mick Gray
 4th Dennis Robinson
 C Grade
 1st Gordon Pipe
 2nd Glen O'Brien
 3rd Ruth Strout
 4th Angelo Ylia
 5th Sue Lahainer (1/2 lap start)
 6th Peter Graves (1/2 lap start)
 7th Elle Hollamby (1/2 lap start)
 D Grade
 1st Tracey Benson
 2nd Clayton Bond
 3rd Josh Ridley
 4th Gordon Lawton
 5th Tyler Stevens
 The last meeting of the Crits for this summer with Conditions that were fantastic with 21 riders turning up across 4 grades as follows.

A grade; Chris Gartery, Lee Stevens, Ken Ridley. Matt Benson & Colby Jachmann 60 sec handicap. Gartery drove the A grade limit bunch hard & stayed away from Benson & Colby. Only just! Benson 30m behind in the finish.

B grade; Mick Gary, Lee Rasheed, Dennis Robinson  & Derek Martinson. Tight racing in this grade, as the duration of the race went on Robinson was the first to drop. A good sprint finish saw the speed of Martinson too good for the Rash.

C grade; Sue Lahainer, Elle Hollamby, Peter Graves all had a 1/2 lap head start over the rest of the field which included Gordon Pipe, Glen O'brien, Angelo Ylia, Ruth Strout. The 4 scratch riders in C grade worked hard together to chase down the 3 riders.  Hollamby the first victim finished the race on her own. With Graves & Lahainer next at the 10 minute mark. That left Pipe, Obrien, Strout & Ylia to fight it out for the win! A great sprint unfolded, with young Pipe showing an awesome turn of speed, after doing much of the pace setting in his grade to take the win.

D grade; New member Clayton Bond came out for his first ride on a club loan bike. Tracey Benson, Josh Ridley, Tyler Stevens & Gordon Lawton. Well Tracey Benson took off at the start & that was the last the group saw of her! She rode a fantastic TT & easily accounted for her opponents to take the victory. The rest of the bunch rode well together & stayed together for the duration of the race until the sprint.