Glossop Handicap
15th May, 2016

The Glossop Handicap welcomed back Mick Gray who has been off the bike for a while and new member Phil “Ironman” Pfennig who was extremely strong all race.

The group of Robinson, Gray etc destructed quickly with the young lads – Pipe and Bond setting a fast pace from the outset. Pipe showing strong form was unlucky to suffer with two punctures. Burr, Ridley, Jaensch and newcomer Pfennig worked well throughout catching all front groups over the course of the race. Clayton Bond continues to get stronger by the week and managed to stay with this group for the final 15km. During the last lap, Sue Lahainer came into view and was 150 metres ahead at the last turn. She did an outstanding job on her own to almost hold off the fast finishing sprint with Jaensch leading from the last corner and Ridley coming over the top on the line. Pfennig would take 3rd, followed by Lahainer, Bond and Burr rounding out the top 6. Benson managed 39.2 ave on his own and whilst in great form, the gap was too much to bridge.




       1.       Ken Ridley  (Off 10mins 40km)
2.       Steve Jaensch (Off 10mins 40km)
3.       Phil Pfennig  (Off 10mins 40km)
4.       Sue Lahainer (off 12mins 30kms)
5.       Clayton Bond  (Off 6mins 40km)
6.       Peter Burr (Off 10mins 40km)
7.       Matt Benson  ( 50Km)
8.       Ruth Strout   (off 18mins 30kms)
9.       Angelo Ylia  (off 18mins 30kms)
10.   Terry Bond  (Off 6mins 40km)
11.   Mick Gray  (Off 6mins 40km)
12.   Dennis Robinson  (Off 6mins 40km)
DNF   Gordon Pipe (Off 6mins 40km 2 punctures) 


Matthew Benson     5 laps     limit

Mick Gray                  4 Laps    6 mins

Dennis Robinson              “

Gordon Pipe                     “

Clayton Bond                    “

Terry Bond                        “

Peter Burr                  4 laps   10 mins

Ken Ridley                        “

Steve jaensch                  “

Phl Pfennig                      “

Sue Lahainer              3 laps    12 mins

Ruth Strout                 3 laps     18 mins

Angelo Ylia                        “