Criterium Monash
17th Nov, 2015
Warm night for all riders with cross winds on the main straights.
 A Grade saw Matthew Benson off with a 1 minute handicap
 and Colby Jachmann with a 30 sec handicap. Neither rider could catch
 the main group, with Lee Stevens being dropped by Ken Ridley and Peter Schammer.
B grade saw the promotion of Clayton Bond with Clayton staying
 with the B Grade bunch to the finish, Chris Gartery out sprinting all comers to take the win.
C Grade mostly stayed together throughout the evening with only two riders being dropped.
 Mark Moore was too strong in the finish taking out the win.
D grade had Brayden Rasheed handicapped by a full lap.
 With the D grade race being extended by 5 minutes it still didn't
 give Brayden enough time to bridge the gap. With Tyler riding hard
 early the main group stayed out in front with Brett Spillsbury too strong
 in the finale taking out D Grade the win.

A grade 
   1    Ken Ridley
    2    Peter Schammer
    3    Colby Jachmann
    4    Lee Stevens
    5    Matthew Benson

B Grade
    1    Chris Gartery
    2    Craig Spillsbury
    3    Lee Rasheed
    4    Clayton Bond
    5    Gordon Pipe

C Grade
    1    Mark Moore
    2    Derek Martinson
    3    Dennis Robinson
    4    Peter Weston
    5    Angelo Ylia
    6    Terry Bond
    7    Colin Gordon
    8    Sue Lahainer

D Grade
    1    Brett Spillsbury
    2    Josh Ridley
    3    Tyler Stevens
    4    Braydon Rasheed
    5    Gordon Lawton