Glossop Handicap
30th Aug, 2015
1st Matthew Benson (fastest time)
2nd Lee Rasheed
3rd Peter Weston
4th Angelo Ylia
5th Gordon Lawton
6th Shane Pitman
DNF Peter Burr
DNF Clayton Bond.
DNF Ruth Strout

Todayís conditions were perfect!
9 riders across varying grades, abilities & age, turned up to battle it out on the 5 lap Glossop circuit.
    Handicaps were imposed as follows. Limit bunch Peter Weston, Ruth Strout, Angelo Ylia & Clayton Bond. Next off was Peter Burr & Lee Rasheed 6 minutes after limit. 3 minutes later saw Shane Pitman leave & a further 11 minutes later saw Matt Benson depart. They all had 5 laps to cover. At 26minutes Gordon Lawton departed with 3 laps to cover.
  What a race & who would have believed how close the finish was!
Peter Burr was the first to pop with Lee Rasheed in good form damaging the unwell Burr early. Pitman rounded Burr & could see Rasheed in his sights. Pitman gathered up Rasheed on the 4th & final lap. They then worked together to catch the depleted bunch of Weston & Co. Strout retired early with a puncture & young gun Clayton bond was unwell & retired early. Weston  & Ylia stayed away for the whole race only to be caught  after the second to last left hand turn. They then stayed with Pitman & Rasheed & even managed to gather up Gordon Lawton who thought he was in for a win!
  The Peloton played doggo, all resting for the final sprint! However Benson had capitalised on everyone resting & rounded the group up to contest the sprint on the last downhill run. Pitman took off early only to be gathered up by Lee Rasheed, Matt Benson went toe to toe in the sprint. Benson being the eventual winner.