Tom Perry Memorial Handicap 50 k Handicap
28th Jul, 2019
 1 Clint Bambrick  FT
2 Tyler Beruldson
3 Lee Stevens
4 Brad Temple
5 Brett Anderson
6 Lee Rasheed 
7 Peter Ireland
8 Mark Pfennig
9 Sue Lahainer
10 Mick Gray
11 Terry Bond
12 Peter Weston
13 Steve Jaensch
14 Ken Ridley
15 Angelo Ylia
DNF Ruth Strout

Limit      P Weston  A Ylia
10 min   S Lahainer  R Strout  M Gray  T Bond  P Ireland
12 min   M Pfennig  B Anderson  L Rasheed
17 min   S  Jaensch  K Ridley
Scratch 22 min  C Bambrick   L Stevens  B Temple  T Beruldson  

The Scrathies rounded up all groups  except  limit with around with 20 km to go  limit was toast at with 8-9 ks to go