Criterium Monash
15th Mar, 2016

A Grade started with Matthew Benson being handicapped 1 lap plus 30secs against Ken Ridley, Lee Stevens and Sequioa Frahn. Early on Ridley, Frahn and Stevens worked well a looked to be holding off Matthew Benson. Unfortunately at the 20 min mark Ridley came down taking Stevens with him and ended their nights racing prematurely. Benson was able to drag back Frahn and ride solo to the finish.


B Grade were set a time of 30mins + 1 lap. Early on Terry Bond, Clayton Bond, Gordon Pipe and Lee Rasheed pushed the pace. The pace was too much for Dennis Robinson, Angelo Ylia and Peter Weston. Unfortunately Gordon Pipe suffered a puncture which ended his night while Robinson found the going too hard and retired. Despite showing good pace Rasheed was outsprinted by fast finisher Clayton Bond with Terry Bond showing improvement every race coming in third. Peter Weston outclassed Angelo Ylia taking out 4th.


C Grade saw four riders nominate for a 25 minute plus 1 lap race. With such a vast difference in ability this race was handicapped accordingly. Gordon Lawton was given a 2 lap start while Tyler Stevens was given 1½ lap start over Sue Lahainer and Brayden Rasheed. Lahainer and Rasheed caught young Stevens with 4 laps to go and he held on gallantly but the pace was too much. By the 2nd to last lap Lawton was reeled in and Rasheed out sprinted Lahainer for the podium. Lawton managed to hold the gap to a valliant Stevens to take out 3rdplace.



A Grade

1st Matthew Benson

2nd Sequioa Frahn

DNF Lee Stevens (Crashed)

DNF Ken Ridley (Crashed)


B Grade

1st Clayton Bond

2nd Lee Rasheed

3rd Terry Bond

4th Peter Weston

5th Angelo Ylia

DNF Gordon Pipe (Punctured)

DNF Dennis Robinson


C Grade

1st Brayden Rasheed

2nd Sue Lahainer

3rd Gordon Lawton (Handicapped 2 Laps)

4th Tyler Stevens (Handicapped 1½ laps)