Lyrup Teams Race
28th Jun, 2015

Team 1                                   Team2                                      Team 3
Colby Jachmann                  Lee Stevens                             Chris Gartery
Peter Weston                       Glen O'brien                               Ruth Strout
Clayton Bond                        Angelo Ylia                                 Terry Bond


Each rider did 3 laps individually  with the teams  doing 1 lap

Stevens Strout and Weston started the ITT leg with no handicap between tea ms. Stevens
gained a massive lead on Strout and Weston who worked steadily together

The second riders off were Clayton Terry Angelo with Angelo holding a reasonable lead
by the end of his stint on the bike

riders for the third leg of the ITT Jachmann O'Brien Gartery saw Jachmann passing the
other rders going into his thid lap finishing the ITT stage with a good lead on the others

Team 1 started off the teams leg  well in front followed by  Team 3 and closely followed
team 2 with the teams finishing in that order