Lyrup Teams handicap
19th Aug, 2012

A new concept was tried and seemed to be successful. Riders were split into 4 teams, 3 of the teams had 3 riders and one team had 2 riders. The format was as a time trial with each rider doing 3 circuits around lower Lyrup, an all flat course. Starting time was handicapped, riders could just do their circuits 1 at a time or all at once depending on what the team voted. The two man team had to do 4 laps each but were allowed to ride together on the last lap. The general consensus was that it was a fun ride and a very close finish.

1st Nathan Gregurke - Dennis Robinson - Angelo Ylia

2nd Angas Boase - Ruth Strout - Gordon Lawton

3rd Shane Pittman - Peter Burr

4th Peter Schammer - Lee Rasheed - Glen O'Brien