Winkie Handicap
3rd May, 2015
Winkie 50km Handicap 3rd May 2015

1st Tyler Stevens (30kms)
2nd Gordon Lawton (30Kms)
3rd Terry Bond (40Kms)
4th Glen OíBrien (50kms)
5th Peter Weston (50Kms)
6th Clayton Bond (40kms)
7th Angelo Ylia (50kms)
8th Matthew Benson (50kms)(fastest time)
9th Ken Ridley (50kms)
10th Shane Pitman (50kms)
DNF Lee Stevens (30kms)

Conditions were foggy in the morning which didnít look good to start with however it lifted just prior to our race start time which was great.11 riders fronted withvarying distances & handicaps were imposed as follows:
       Peter Weston & Angelo Ylia on limit with 50kmís to cover. Glen O'brien departed 30 seconds later & also had 50kmís to cover. Terry Bond & Clayton Bond with 40kmís to cover left @ the 12 minute mark as did Shane Pitman & Ken Ridley but they had 50kmís to cover.  15minute mark saw Tyler & Lee Stevens depart with 30kmís  to cover. Matt Benson departed @ 16 minutes with 50kmís in front of him also. Last to leave was Gordon Lawton at 21 minutes & 30kmís to race.
         Glen O'brien caught Angelo & Peter on the first lap. They then worked well together & rounded up Terry & Clayton Bond. They all rode together to try & chase down Tyler & Gordon.  Whilst this was going on Pitman & Ridley were rounded up by Benson on the last corner of the 3rd lap.  They stayed with him until the last climb on the last lap before the pace was too great Pitman first to pop! This then made Ridley lose the wheel on Benson. Matt rode hard but could not bridge the gap this time round.
       Young Tyler Stevens now riding on his own, as his dad, Lee Stevens suffered a mechanical failure. Tyler was in a dual for the victory with Gordon Lawton. Lawton had bridged the gap to Tyler & were in a sprint for the line. Tyler too strong in the finish taking the victory over Gordon.