Lindsay Pt Road Handicap
10th Nov, 2019
  46 k Handicap

1 Tyler Stevens
2 Phil Pfennig
3 Brad Pfennig
4 Kym Petrolaj
5 Ken Ridley
6 Steve Jaensch
7 Clint Bambrick  FT
8 Brad Temple
9 Mick Gray
10 Angelo Ylia
11 Peter Weston
12 lee Stevens

Limit      Mick,Angelo.Peter W,Brad Pf
4 min    Kym ,Phil,Tyler   
15 min  Steve.ken
21 min  Lee, Clint, Brad  T

With a tail wind assist a humungus effort by the 4 min bunch was able to catch limit at at 19 k. They dominated and dropped  Mick,Angelo Peter W at the turn around and were not challenged by anyone else