Loxton Handicap
7th Jun, 2015
What glorious conditions, pleasant temperature and very little wind, for the Loxton 44km hdcp.10 riders across 4 different handicaps made for an interesting race.
The Loxton Handicap which comprised a 44km race for the majority and 34km for Junior - Tyler Stevens and Senior - Gordon Lawton. 19 minutes separated the first group of Terry and Clayton Bond through to the Scratch group of Peter Schammer and Steve Jaensch. The remaining groups were madeup of Angelo Ylia/Peter Weston at 9 minutes, Gordon Lawton/Tyler Stevens at 11 minutes and Mick Gray/Glen O'Brien at 15 minutes.
With 10 riders competing the pace was solid from the outset. Gordon Lawton unfortunately further handicapped himself by missing the turn off and he did not see young Tyler Stevens for the duration of the race. Scratch caught all groups over the course of the race posting an ave speed of 36.5kmh. Tyler Stevens was never troubled and comfortably crossed the finish line, averaging 25kph, approx 2 minutes in front of Scratch. 
The final placings were:
1. Tyler Stevens
2. Steve Jaensch FT
3. Peter Schammer
4. Mick Gray
5. Pete Weston
6. Angelo Ylia
7. Gordon Lawton
8. Clayton Bond
9. Terry Bond
10. Glen O'Brien