Tuesday Criterium Monash
10th Feb, 2015

A Grade
Shane Pitman
Angus Boase
Matthew Benson
Ken Ridley
This race abandoned after crash with kangaroo

B Grade
1st Derek Martinson
2nd Clint Bambrick
3rd Lee Rasheed
DNF Frank Sullivan (fall after puncture)

C Grade
1st Gordon Pipe
2nd Ruth Strout
3rd Tim Ridley
4th Angelo Ylia

D Grade
1st Peter Graves
2nd Sue Lahainer
3rd Gordon Lawton (4min start)
4th Elle Hollamby

Marshals: Peter Weston, Colin Gordon, Lee Stevens and Tyler Stevens.

Accident Report

A grade; Shane Pitman, Matt Benson, Angus Boase & Ken Ridley would front
 up for the 40 minute race with which all riders set off together.
 The A grade bunch worked well together & were getting close to the end of their race,
 when another freak accident would occur! This time it would involve a Kangaroo.
 Unfortunately a Roo crossed in front of the group with about a 20m margin wich was no issue,
 however it decided to do a U turn & headed back towards the group on an angle.
 As it realised it was on a crash course with 4 cyclist it tried to turn
 tripping & sliding straight at the group, thatís when it got messy.
 Pitman & Ridley would hit the deck, Benson made good evasive action & stayed up right as did Boase,
 However Boase would show off his mountain bike skills by riding over its neck & stayed up right wow!
 Pitman & Ridley lay hurt alongside the Roo what a picture! Only in Australia!
 Everyone was ok & a DNF was recorded for all members.