Lyrup 65km Handicap
19th Apr, 2015
Lyrup Handicap April 19th 2015

1 Matt Benson (FT)
2. Clayton Bond
3. Terry Bond
4. G O'Brien
5. P Weston
6. S Jaensch
7. A Boase
DNF Lee Stevens
DNF Gordon Lawton
DNF Angelo Ylia

10 riders braved the cold southerly blowing on Sunday morning at Lyrup. The race was broken down into distances of 44km, 56km and 67km.
First away was the 67km group of Stevens, Boase and Jaensch who would work well together until Stevens unhitched towards the end of the first lap. This would leave Boase and Jaensch to work together for the remaining distance, trying to hold off Matt Benson who started 6 minutes later. At the same time, they would need to lap the other riders who were racing the shorter distances.
O'Brien, Weston and Ylia would race the 56km distance and they would be chasing the father and son duo and Gordon Lawton. O'Brien started at a disadvantage given he forgot one of his cycling shoes. (surprise??) This however didn't appear to slow him down as the Group dropped Ylia leaving O'Brien and Weston to chase hard to the finish. Terry and Clayton Bond disposed of Lawton early in the race and rode well together throughout.
Benson caught Boase and Jaensch with 2 laps remaining and powered on leaving the old boys in his wake - his mission was to catch the front groups. The Bond boys had a win in their sights, however with less than 1km to go, Benson had them on his radar. He showed an awesome turn of speed to take control of the race and record both a win and fastest time. Average speed a little over 37 which given the conditions was exceptional.