Mildura CC Invitation
1st May, 2016

5 groups comprising 21 riders would start the race with a 25 minute gap between the first and final group over what would prove to be an extremely challenging 50km course. The strong Westerly wind would make the first half of the race extremely fast with the pace too great for some as groups started to fracture on the way out. The scratch group containing Benson, Stevens and Dawson were making good progress at the half way mark averaging in excess of 46kmh. However, the race would prove to be a tale of two halves as the final 23km would be into a strong head wind. Benson immediately powered away from Stevens and Dawson at the turn around and would not be seen again until the finish line. All groups were caught by Benson who would cross the line at an average speed of 38.2kmh ahead of 2nd and 3rd place getters, O’Brien and Ylia.


1.       Matt Benson (Fastest average speed)
2.       Glen O’Brien                                                                                      
3.       Angelo Ylia                                                                                         
4.       Sue Lahainer                                                                                       
5.       Ash Dawson (MCCC)                           
6.       Ken Ridley                                              
7.       Alison Curry (MCCC                              
8.       Lee Stevens                                                                                         
9.       Peter Schammer                                                                                 
10.   Gordon Pipe                                            
11. Brad Dawson                                           
12. Dennis Robinson                                  
13. Clayton Bond                                              
14. Peter Burr                                                    
15. Tom Athorn                                                 
16. Steve Jaensch                                               
17. Adrian Lloyd                                                
18. Mick Alford                                                  
19. Terry Bond                                                      
20. Graham Wheeler                                             
DNF Lee Rasheed