Toby Bartsch Handicap
13th Sep, 2015

1st Shane Pittman
nd Lee Rasheed
rd Peter Schammer
th Mick Gray
th Peter Burr
th Clayton Bond
th Matthew Benson (Fastest Time)
TH Peter Weston
th Angelo Ylia
th Gordon Lawton
DNF Dennis Robinson



11 riders rolled up for the Toby Bartsch 50km Loxton Hdcp.  Conditions were
sunny but a little windy
           Angelo Ylia, Peter Weston, Dennis Robinson & Clayton Bond started us off on
limit. Next 3 minutes later was Peter Burr, Lee Rasheed & Mick Gray, who is
the defending Toby Bartsch trophy holder. At seven minutes Peter Schammer &
Shane Pitman.  Gordon Lawton was next off at the  9 minute mark with a
shortened race distance of 30km's. Mathew Benson was the lone Scratch rider
who departed at the 14 minute mark.
          The group of Burr & Co did the damage early catching limit of the first lap.
Dennis Robison was the first to crack with him going out the back early. The
groups now together worked hard to try to catch Gordon Lawton before the
finish line & stay away from Schammer, Pitman & Benson.
         Pitman & Schammer worked well together knowing that if Benson was given a
sniff they would be history. They caught the group in front of them on the
last hill just before the last turn for the home straight,  but not before
the group in front had already rounded up Gordon Lawton & spat him out the
         With the peloton now at the biggest for the whole race & only Mathew Benson
missing the games started! No one was prepared to do the work on the front.
So the Veteran Peter Schammer took to the front again, were he & Pitman
shared the work load. They received no assistance from anyone at that point.
Schammer & Pitman could not afford to allow the Peloton to slow them down,
as they knew that Benson would not quit.
       Pitman & Schammer tried to drop the group but could not dislodge them. After
these attacks Burr counter attacked in the last 1km. Pitman chased him down
dragging the Peloton back to Burr. Pitman sat & waited for the last 300m
before putting on the gas to gap the peloton enough to secure the win. Matt Benson recorded fastest time, he averaged over 38kmh on his own but was about a minute plus behind the winners.
         Toby & Craig (Toby's son) rolled up for the race start which was great! Toby
donated some funds towards the prize money & also supplied lunch in the form
of sandwiches which was well received by all.

Awesome day for all & great to see Toby again. He also shared some stories
about his racing which was cool he was one tough competitor!