Tuesday Criterium Monash
17th Feb, 2015
Great racing conditions prevailed with calmer conditions resulting in a huge turnout
of 25 riders (including 3 new riders - 1 signing up and paying on the night).
We had 4 Grades although in hindsight the inclusion of an E Grade would have been a
better option. Once again, we had 3 virtual races inside the D Grade which meant that
none of us had a clue who was on the Bell lap or even when to ring the bell.

A Grade - 35 Minutes

Matt Benson started 0.5 laps behind and caught the duo of Ken Ridley and Angus Boase
with approx 4 laps remaining. Matt rode strong averaging 38.3 to take the win by
approx 300m. Colby Jachmann was a DNF and had pulled out about a third of the way
into the race after starting with Ken and Angus.
1. Matt Benson
2. Angus Boase
3. Ken Ridley
4. Colby Jachmann DNF

B Grade - 35 minutes

This was the race of the night although may have been eclipsed by a couple in
the D Grade but more on that later. There were 9 starters and visitor and now
paid member Peter Headlam was unfortunately lost out the back early on.
The remaining 8 riders stayed as a bunch for the entire race averaging an
impressive 36.3. The recently returned Clint Bambrick was too strong in the
sprint outclassing Chris Gartery (who hasn't raced since November) by a slim margin.
Derek Martinson rode a very solid third and the minor placings are below:

1. Clint Bambrick
2. Chris Gartery
3. Derek Martinson
4. Lee Rasheed
5. Lee Stevens
6. Frank Sullivan
7. Glen O'Brien
8. Mick Gray
9. Peter Headlam
C Grade - 30 minutes
This group splintered quite early on and it was difficult to tell who was leading
the race. Tim Ridley and Gordon Pipe were involved in a ding dong battle throughout,
however it was Ruth Strout who slipped off the front and time trialled to victory
from very early on in the race. Ruth recorded an impressive win over the upcoming
Pipe and Ridley and the inform Ylia and Brailey Jachmann.

1. Ruth Strout
2. Gordon Pipe
3. Tim Ridley
4. Brailey Jachmann
5. Angelo Ylia
D Grade - 25 minutes
Arguably the event of the night with 7 riders starting and 3 races running within the
one race. Tyler Stevens had 3 laps head start, Gordon and Josh Ridley 2 laps headstart
and the remaining riders off scratch. The Benson family were well represented with
Tracy -Matt's mum and Amy Henwood - Matt's girlfriend riding for the first time.
   Tyler Stevens and Josh Ridley went toe to toe all night and were inseparable even
though Tyler had an extra lap head start. To see Tyler and Josh fighting it out on     
the main straight and heading into the tight left hander was a treat - the look of
determination on their faces could potentially turn this ongoing battle into something
similar to Ford vs Holden, Moffatt vs Brock or Kramer vs Kramer!
     Tyler held out to take his second straight win followed closely by Josh and the
ever young Gordon in 3rd.
1. Tyler Stevens
2. Josh Ridley
3. Gordon Lawton
4. Tracy Benson
5. Amy Henwood
6. Sue Lahanier
7. Peter Graves DNF due to flat tyre
thanks to Marshalls - Andrew Benson, Roy Stevens, Peter Weston and Colin Gordon