Lindsay Pt Hcp 46k
6th Dec, 2015

11 Riders were greeted with a real burst of summer weather, with temperatures forecast into the 40’s. The start was moved forward half an hour along with a shortened race distance.

First away was lone scratchman Matthew Benson. Having his race cancelled in Adelaide Benson was out to prove a point and was the only rider to race the full 46km circuit.    13 Minutes later was Tyler Stevens riding a 25km distance. 1 minute later Peter Weston, Angelo Ylia and Mick Gray with a 32km race distance. The second lone junior rider also completing 25km was Brayden Rasheed with a 17 minute handicap. The last group to leave was Lee Rasheed, Steve Jaensch, Ken Ridley and Lee Stevens riding 32km and giving away a 19 minute head start.

Riders were greeted with a warming head wind for the first half of their race. Lee Rasheed succumbed to the pace of his group early with Steve Jaensch deciding to take his foot off the pedal and help ease the strain. Ken Ridley and Lee Stevens kept charging on chasing the group of riders in front of them. With the catch in sight Terry Bond, still building his fitness after a broken collarbone, decided to call it a day and turn for home. This left Stevens, Ridley, Gray, Weston and Ylia to continue the chase. With Benson still chasing from behind and the two junior riders still to catch the pace was lifted with the tail wind. Tyler Stevens rode strong all day and was caught with three kilometres to go but still pushed hard to finish in front of Matthew Benson.
      In the finish Stevens was too strong for Ridley and Gray rolled home to fill the podium. Tyler Stevens charged to the line for fourth with Benson claiming 5th and fastest time for the day. Next home was Peter Weston followed by Ylia. Brayden Rasheed bought home his dad to take 8th place and Lee Rasheed in 9th. Steve Jaensch bought the peloton home for tenth place.

1st Lee Stevens

2nd Ken Ridley

3rd Mick Gray

4th Tyler Stevens

5th Matthew Benson (fastest time)

6th Peter Weston

7th Angelo Ylia

8th Brayden Rasheed

9th Lee Rasheed

10th Steve Jaensch

DNF Terry Bond