Tom Perry Memorial Handicap
19th Jul, 2015

Riverland Cycling Club's photo.


Congratulations to Lee Stevens on a great ride winning the 2015 Tom Perry Memorial. Matt Benson - also a gutsy solo effort to take fastest time. 15 riders competed in the race in ideal conditions - With 5 riders averaging over 38kmh the pace was on in all groups. It was a full bunch sprint with almost everyone coming together with 3km to go. The "Teddy Bear" hay bales were taken by Andrew Benson near the turn around point. None of the riders, due most likely to delirious exhaustion saw them.


1  Lee     Stevens
2  Steve   Jaensch
3  John    Danvers
4  Lee     Raheed
5  Dennis  Robinson
6  Peter   Burr
7  Terry   Bond
8  Mick    Gray
9  Clayton Bond
10 Ruth    Strout
11 Glen    O'brien
12 Matt    Benson  FT
13 Shane   Pittman
14 Peter   Weston
15 Angelo  Ylia