Loveday Handicap
6th Sep, 2015

1. Colby Jachmann

2. Steve Jaensch

3. Mick Gray

4. Matt Benson (FT)

5. Peter Weston and Gordon Lawton

7. Clayton Bond

8. Dennis Robinson

9. Angelo Ylia


Tough windy conditions for the race - Matt Benson given a difficult task to reel in 7 minutes on Jachmann and Jaensch - he fell 2 minutes short in the end after another impressive ride averaging over 37 on his own. Mick Gray

rode well to sit with the 2 "J's" after being caught on the 2nd lap. Lawton impressed with a cunning display of time trialling for much of the race staying within a whisker of the task set for him by the handicapper. He would be caught

on the last lap but managed an equal 5th with Pete Weston. Weston was too strong for his group which splintered when caught by other groups, enabling him to bridge across to Lawton in the dying stages. Jachmann continues to train

hard and is heading to Shepparton for the National titles this weekend. He rode within himself and looked very strong all race - his breakaway with about 700m to go ensured an easy victory.