Glossop Handicap
15th Nov, 2015

1st Lee Rasheed
2nd Ken Ridley (Fastest Time)
3rd Peter Weston
4th Braydon Rasheed
5th Gordon Lawton
6th Ruth Strout
7th Angelo Ylia
DNF Colby Jachman (Got Lost)
First to go Colby with 5 laps to complete, unfortunately took a wrong path so gave in.
5 mins later was Peter, Angelo and Ruth with 4 laps to complete. 3 mins after them Lee Rasheed with 4 laps, 2 mins after Lee was Ken with 4 laps followed 1 min later by Gordon and Brayden doing 3 laps.
   Lee caught Peter Weston, Angelo Ylia and Ruth Stout trio early into the last lap and stayed with them until they pulled in Gordon Lawton and Brayden Rasheed just before the Winkie store, but at the same time Ken Ridley also caught on causing a sudden increase of pace. Lee Rasheed and Peter Weston stayed with him but Angelo and Ruth stayed back with Gordon,  Brayden stayed out in front for the rest of the lap to take out 4th place..