Criterium Monash
10th Nov, 2015
In D Grade Brayden Rasheed dragged the other riders in within
9 minutes and is riding very strong.
C Grade with Terry Bond in his first race since breaking his
collar bone and Colin Gordon was in his first race for some time.
In B Grade Derek Martinson was dropped early as the handicapper
had him in the wrong grade.
In A Grade Craig Spilsbury was promoted from B Grade and did well
to hang on for 20 minutes.
Matthew Benson averaged 40.1Km/Hr on his own,
caught the others at about the 30 minute mark and flew
straight past.

A Grade
1st Matthew Benson (90 sec Handicap)
2nd Lee Stevens
3rd Peter Schammer
4th Ken Ridley
5th Craig Spillsbury

B Grade
1st Lee Rasheed
2nd Clint Bambrick
3rd Gordon Pipe
4th Mick Gray
5th Peter Burr
6th Deek Martinson

C Grade
1st Clayton Bond
2nd Mark Moore
3rd Dennis Robinson
4th Sue Lahainer
5th Peter Weston
6th Angelo Ylia
7th Colin Gordon
DNF Terry Bond

D Grade
1st Braydon Rasheed (60 sec Handicap)
2nd Tyler Stevens)
3rd Brett Spillsbury
4th Gordon Lawton