22nd Dec, 2015
Three grades only tonight with almost perfect weather conditions tonight.
A Grade- Matthew Benson was given a full lap handicap on Ken Ridley and Lee Stevens with a 45 minute + 1 lap race. Stevens and Ridley held Benson off  for 40 minutes but once Benson caught them he was off. Benson soloed to victory with Stevens out sprinting Ridley for the minor placings.
B Grade-  was made up of Lee Rasheed, Clayton Bond, Dennis Robinson and Frank Sullivan. With Robinson and Sullivan promoted from C Grade and Bond recovering from illness Rasheed turned the screws early. Bond couldn't handle the early pace and had to pull out. Robinson and Sullivan managed to stick it out until the pace settled down. In the sprint for the line Robinson almost took the win but Rasheed was just too strong. Sullivan rounded out the podium.
C Grade- With only Gordon Lawton nominating for D Grade he was promoted to C Grade and given a 4 lap headstart over Peter Weston, Glen O'Brien, Angelo Ylia, Sue Lahainer and newly promoted Brayden Rasheed. Lawton rode hard from the start to hold off the chasing peloton. With the chase in full swing Lahainer was soon off the back, unfortunately the effort of the peloton wasn't quite enough with Lawton taking out the win by half a lap. In the sprint Brayden Rasheed took out second place closely followed by Peter Weston. Angelo Ylia came home for fourth place with Glen O'Brien coming in for fifth place.

A Grade
1st Matthew Benson (1 lap handicap)
2nd Lee Stevens
3rd Ken Ridley

B Grade
1st Lee Rasheed
2nd Dennis Robinson
3rd Frank Sullivan
DNF Clayton Bond

C Grade
1st Gordon Lawton
2nd Brayden Rasheed (4 lap handicap)
3rd Peter Weston (4 lap Handicap)
3th Angelo Ylia (4 Lap Handicap)
5th Glen O’Brien (4 Lap Handicap)
DNF Sue Lahainer (4 Lap Handicap)