Criterium Monash
6th Oct, 2015

Conditions were filthy for the first Criterium of the season. 13 riders across 3 grades braved the tough conditions.

A grade: Matt Benson with a lap hdcp, Lee Stevens, Ken Ridley & Shane Pitman raced for 35 minutes. The group splintered early with Lees Stevens strong in the wind dropping Pitman first followed by Ridley, he was unable to stay away from Benson who took the win

B grade: Derek Martinson, Craig Spilsbury & Marcus Eldridge raced for 30 minutes. This group also splintered in the tough conditions with Martinson the first casualty, Craig & Marcus worked well together with Craig outsprinting Marcus.

C grade: Dennis Robinson, Ruth Strout, Gordon Pipe, Peter Weston, Sue Lahainer & Josh Ridley with 2 lap head start. The inform Gordon Pipe was the aggressor splintering the group early. The whole group was in disarray.  Robinson locked in with the young pipe to try to chase down Josh Ridley who had a 2 lap head start  were unable to bridge the gap

A Grade

1st Matthew Benson (handicapped half a lap)
2nd Lee Stevens
3rd Ken Ridley
4th Shane Pitman

B Grade

1st Craig Spilsbury
2nd Marcus Eldridge
3rd Derek Martinson

C Grade

1st Josh Ridley (2 lap head start)
2nd Gordon Pipe
3rd Dennis Robinson
4th Peter Weston
5th Sue Laainer
DNF Ruth Strout