Team Time Trial Lower Lyrup
8th Mar, 2015

Conditions were perfect for the Lyrup teams race on Sunday, a good turn out made for some good racing.
13 riders attended with 4 teams being decide upon by drawing the names out of a hat! All riders had to complete 3 individual laps of the 3.3 km course with a teamís lap as the 4th lap. This was a handicap race, the objective was to  keep the racing as close as possible & exciting!

Team A;
 Dennis Robinson, Gordon Pipe & Angus Boase. These guys would have the biggest handicap & would start 10min.45secs after everyone else. This would prove to be too large for team A.

Team B; 
Sue Lahainer , Sam Pearce & Glen Obrien. This team started with a 8min.10sec handicap.

Team C;
 Gordon Lawton, Peter Burr, & Angelo Ylia started with a 1m15sec handicap.

Team D;
 This team had 4 riders started from scratch.
 Tyler Stevens, Lee Stevens, Stephen Jaensch & Shane Pitman. Pitman & Jaensch would complete 2xlaps & the team lap. The Stevenís would complete the 3 laps each plus the team lap. This was decide to keep the race time consistent. 

1st Team C
2nd Team D
3rd Team B
4th Team A

All teams finished on the same lap with no more than 30 seconds between each group in the finish. Team A chased all day but the handicap was too big for the form of the riders on the day. They finished 4th. Team B finished 3rd but were closing in on Team D. Team D went out hard but failed to catch team C. Team C rode well & to their handicap & took a good victory over the rest of the field.
The best part about the day is the turn -out of riders & the relaxed feel about the race. Conditions were awesome!