Criterium Long Course Monash
8th Dec, 2015

Due to the Monash Primary school end of year concert the traditional long course was used for tonights race. With only two riders in B grade, A/B grade were combined for tonights event.
A/B Grade saw Colby Jachmann and Matthew Benson with a 90 Second handicap over fellow riders Lee Stevens, Lee Rasheed and Mick Gray. Matthew Benson charged early with Jachmann not able to maintain the pace. Benson went on to claim a solo victory with Stevens second and gray holding on for third place.
C Grade saw a shootout between Dennis Robinson and Frank Sullivan, with Peter Weston hanging on to claim third place with Angelo Ylia failing to sprint in fourth. Colin Gordon  succumbed to the pace early on and came home for  fifth place
D Grade had three different handicaps with young gun Brayden Rasheed set with a 20 second chase to Tyler Stevens and Brett Spilsbury and a further 60 second chase to catch Gordon Lawton. With Stevens and Spillsbury caught early the chase was on for Lawton. Brayden went on to win D Grade with Spilsbury trying to chase him down before the finish but to no avail. Tyler Stevens charged home for third place with Lawton rounding out the nights racing in fourth.


A/B Grade

1st Matthew Benson (90 second handicap)

2nd Lee Stevens

3rd Mick Gray

4th Colby Jachmann (90 second handicap)

5th Lee Rasheed


C Grade

1st  Dennis Robinson

2nd Frank Sullivan

3rd Peter Weston

4th Colin Gordon

5th Angelo Ylia

6th Colin Gordon


D Grade

1st Brayden Rasheed (80 seconds handicap)

2nd Brett Spilsbury (60 seconds handicap)

3rd Tyler Stevens (60 seconds Handicap)

4th Gordon Lawton