Tuesday Criterium Monash
10th Mar, 2015
A Grade

1st Shane Pitman
2nd Chris Gartery & Ken Ridley
4th Matthew Benson (1/2 lap handicap)

B Grade
1st Lee Stevens
2nd Derek Martinson
3rd Lee Rasheed
4th Gordon Pipe

C Grade
1st Ruth Strout
2nd Angelo Ylia
3rd Colin Gordon
4th Sue Lahainer
5th Tim Ridley
6th Gordon Pipe

D Grade
1st Josh Ridley
2nd Elspeth Hollanby (1/2 lap Handicap)
3rd Gordon Lawton
4th Tyler Stevens

Marshals: Peter Weston, Harry Jachmann, Glen O’Brien,
Conditions were as good as it gets for Crits this week, which made for some good racing. 18 riders in total across 4 grades.
A grade; Matt Benson, Chris Gartery, Shane Pitman & Ken Ridley. Matt started 1/2  a lap behind but was unable to bridge the gap on his own! At about the 30 minute mark Matt had sat up & waited for the rest of the group.  He then rode hard with the bunch for the remainder of the race, They rode well together with Gartery & Ridley solid who would later tie for 2nd place, it was so close we figured a tie was the only correct outcome! Pitman took first with a sprint finish over the top of Benson. Benson was a lap down but they sprinted as if they were on the same lap! It was good for the spectators.

 B grade; Lee Rasheed, Lee Stevens, Derek Martinson & Gordon Pipe. Gordon Pipe gained a promotion to B grade this week. The pace was fierce with an average of over 36kmh being achieved. They even past A grade for a brief moment while Stevens was doing one of his attacks to test his opposition. Young Pipe was dropped early on but showed great maturity to sit up & let the bunch lap him then recover. He then finished the race off with the group. He will take a lot away from that race. A red hot sprint was contested 3 ways with Lee Stevens really starting to find his sprint legs to take the victory.

C grade; Was the biggest group made up of Brailey Jachmann, Colin Gordon, Angelo Ylia, Tim Ridley, Ruth Stout & Sue Lahainer. The group rode hard with Brailey going out the back early. Tim Ridley would suffer the same fate. The rest of the bunch rode hard & finished together with Strout finding an extra yard in the finish.

 D grade; Elle Hollamby, Gordon Lawton, Tyler Stevens & Josh Ridley. Elle gave the rest of the bunch a 1/2 lap head start. She rode hard & managed to overtake the bunch on the last lap, but was unable to hold off Josh in the final sprint.