Track Racing, Renmark
1st Mar, 2015

Flying 200 metre
1st Colby Jachmann 13.08 secs
2nd Lee Stevens 13.82 secs
3rd Shane Pitman 14.75 secs
4th Peter Burr 15.23 secs
5th Dennis Robinson 15.31 secs
6th Lee Rasheed 15.91 secs
7th Frank Sullivan 16.39 secs
8th Angelo Ylia 17.68 secs
9th Tyler Stevens 21.43 secs

2000m Handicap

Heat 1                                                                       Heat 2                                             Final
1st Colby Jachmann                                     1st Tyler Stevens                            1st Tyler Stevens
2nd Angelo Ylia                                              2nd Lee Rasheed                           2nd Colby Jachmann
3rd Dennis Robinson                                    3rd Lee Stevens                             3rd Lee Stevens
4th Peter Burr                                                4th Shane Pitman                          4th Lee Rasheed
5th                                                                     5th Frank Sullivan                          5th Angelo Ylia
                                                                                                                               6th Dennis Robinson

1st Colby Jackman
2nd Shane Pitman
3rd Peter Burr
4th Lee Rasheed
5th Dennis Robinson
6th Frank Sullivan
7th Angelo Ylia

Italian Teams Pursuit

           Team 1                                                                           Team 2
Colby Jachmann                                                                 Lee Stevens
Lee Rasheed                                                                       Shane Pitman
Peter Burr                                                                            Angelo Ylia
Tyler Stevens                                                                      Dennis Robinson
                                                                                            Frank Sullivan

Colby Jachmann rode extra lap to make up uneveness with Team 1 being winners.

12 riders rock up in what were pretty good conditions bar the heat. A short discussion about
 the heat & a shortened race was decided up. With 4 laps being the preferred race distance. 
Angelo Ylia & Peter Weston would start us off in the limit bunch. Followed by Frank Sullivan,
 Peter Burr &  Dennis Robinson @ 3 minutes. Lee Stevens, Lee Rasheed & Clint Bambrick @ 5 minutes
 in the chopping block group. Scratch would start @ 14 minutes with Colby Jachmann,
 Shane Pitman & Ken Ridley. Gordon Lawton would start @ 17 minutes with 2 laps to complete.
 Well what a race. Angelo & Peter got caught by Burr, Robinson & Sullivan about
 1 3/4 laps into the 4 lap race, but not before Angelo stopped after the first lap at his car to get more water!
 The now larger group was pursued by Stevens, Rasheed, & Bambrick who caught the group
 in front of them on the 3 lap, but not before Burr punctured!
 This was the second puncture for the race as Jachmann punctured just after the first lap.
 As the group came together Rasheed punctured also. The swollen group now worked together
 to stay away from the scratch riders & without Jachmann in the group it was always going 
 to be hard for scratch. However it was not scratch that the block group had to worry about. 
 Gordon Lawton was in good form & rode to his handicap. He stayed away from block giving
 him the victory, about ten minutes in front of chopping block with scratch bringing up the rear.