Criterium Monash
1st Dec, 2015

A Grade – Matthew Benson was given a 1 minute handicap and only 20 mins to catch fellow A Graders. He was unstoppable and dropped his fellow riders eqrly on. Lee Steven, Steve Jaensch and Ken Ridley were left to fight out for third place.

  B Grade – Gordon Pipe and Lee Rasheed broke away from Clint Bambrick and Craig Spilsbury early in the race. Gordon Pipe won a well fought sprint against Lee Rasheed and Craig Spilsbury eventually edged out Clint Bambrick.

   C Grade- Peter Burr, Dennis Robinson and Angelo Ylia drove hard early in the race with Colin Gordon holding on for a little while before being dropped and returning to the dynamic duo of Sue Lahainer and Peter Weston. Peter Burr proved he was too strong in the finale and taking out the win.

    D Grade – Tyler Stevens and Josh Ridley were given a 1ap start over Braydon Rasheed. Tyler Stevens rode harde on the front which was too much for Josh who couldn’t hang on, eventually gave up with breathing problems. Tyler managed to just hold off Brayden who was coming up fast to take out the win.


A Grade

1st Colby Jachmann

2nd Matthew Benson (Handicapped 1 minute)

3RD Steve Jaensch

4th  Lee Stevens

5th   Ken Ridley


B Grade

1st Gordon Pipe

2nd Lee Rasheed

3rd Craig Spilsbury

4th Clint Bambrick


C Grade

1st Peter Burr

2nd Dennis Robinson

3rd Angelo Ylia

4th Sue Lahainer

5th Peter Weston

6th Colin Gordon


D Grade

1st Tyler Stevens

2nd Brayden Rasheed (Handicapped 1 lap)

DNF Josh Ridley