Lindsap Point Handicap
14th Feb, 2016

Twelve riders braved their partners and turned up for a Valentines Day Lindsay Point Handicap. 43km was the order of the day with only Junior rider Tyler Stevens doing the shorter distance of 25km.

First group away consisted of Peter Weston, Ruth Strout, Angelo Ylia, Terry Bond and Glen O’Brien. Two minutes later the dynamic duo of Dennis Robinson and Clayton Bond headed off to chase the riders in front. At seven minutes the trio of Mick Gray, Lee Rasheed and Ken Ridley started their race. Fourteen minutes after the leaders a solo Matthew Benson headed off to cover his 43km race distance. Last rider away was Tyler Stevens at 28 minutes but only needing to cover a race distance of 25km.

All riders rode strong on the outward leg using the tailwind to keep the pace high. The dynamic duo of Robinson and Clayton Bond caught the front runners 15 km in forming a large peloton at the head of the race. Ridley, Rasheed and Gray made the junction to the peloton just as Benson caught them with Benson powering past all riders to race solo to the finish line.

Out in front Stevens was riding a strong solo race, with no one in sight he powered towards the finish line. With 2km to go Benson was within sight of Stevens with the peloton charging home to try and round up the two frontrunners. With one km to go Benson accelerated but could not bridge the gap to Stevens. In the bunch sprint for third place Robinson took line honours over Ken Ridley. Fast charging Lee Rasheed came in for Fifth, with Terry Bond claiming bragging rights over son Clayton Bond.

1st  Tyler Stevens    (25Km 28 mins)

2nd Matthew Benson  (Scratch 14mins)

3rd Dennis Robinson  ( 2mins)

4th Ken Ridley (7 mins)

5th Lee Rasheed (7 Mins)

6th Terry Bond

7th Clayton Bond (2 mins)

8th Ruth Strout

9th Peter Weston

10th Angelo Ylia

1tth Glen O’Brien

12th Mick Gray