Criterium Monash
24th Nov, 2015

Almost perfect racing conditions for Tuesday night with only a slight headwind on the uphill straight.
D Grade- Gordon Lawton was dropped early by the pace of the pocket rockets, Tyler Stevens and Josh Ridley. All the while they were being chased by Brayden Rasheed who had a full lap handicap. The pocket rockets couldn't hold Rasheed Jnr off who claimed the win. Josh held on for second with Tyler coming in for Third.

C Grade- A large field of 8 riders fronted for C Grade. Dennis Robinson set about making life difficult for the other riders with constant attacking. This attacking didn't pay off and was caught each time. In the end It was Derek Martinson sprinting for the win with Mark Moore hot on his heels for second place. Frank Sullivan came home to round out the C Grade podium.  

B Grade- 4 Riders fronted up for B Grade. Clint Bambrick and Lee Rasheed locked horns again and dueled for the win with Banbrick coming out the victor this time. Clayton Bond rode strong all night and was in the sprint but didn't have the legs to get over the top of the two senior riders. Gordon Pipe suffered from cramp throughout the race and pulled out before the finale.

A Grade- 4 Riders set out in A Grade with a 45 minute sufferfest for all. Matthew Benson had to overcome a 75 second handicap before contesting for the win. With Benson catching the leading riders with ten minutes to go he had a chance to rest the legs with the other riders before launching the decisive attack with 2 laps remaining. Stevens pushed hard to go with him but didnt have the horsepower. Benson 1st place, Stevens second with Ken Ridley rolling home for 3rd.
 A Grade
 1 Matthew Benson   75 second handicap
 2 Lee Stevens
 3 Ken Ridley
 4 Chris Gartery


  B Grade
 1 Clint Bambrick
 2 Lee Rasheed
 3 Clayton Bond
 DNf Gordon Pipe


  C Grade
 1 Derek Martinson
 2 Mark Moore
 3 Frank Sullivan
 4 Dennis Robinson
 5 Ruth Strout
 6 Peter Weston
 7 Sue Lahainer
 8 Terry Bond
 9 Angelo Ylia


  D Grade
 1 Brayden Rasheed     1 lap landicap
 2 Josh Ridley
 3 Tyler Stevens
 DNF Gordon Lawton