Criterium Monash
16th Feb, 2016

Windy conditions were the order of the night. With a Meet and Greet at the Monash Primary School we were required to use our long course.
A GRADE- Reigning Club Champion, Matthew Benson and National Silver Medalist, Colby Jachmann were given a handicap over Lee Stevens, Ken "The Ridler" Ridley and Sequioa Frahn. Jachmann was burned off by Benson with two laps remaining with Benson joining Stevens, Frahn and Ridley just before the bell for the last lap. Benson made his move into the headwind with Frahn and Stevens chasing hard but unable to bridge the gap.
B GRADE- With only three riders it was going to be difficult to maintain a high average speed. Lee Rasheed, Clayton Bond and Gordon Pipe rode well all night with the race ending in a shootout. Gordon Pipe took the win over Clayton Bond with Lee Rasheed claiming third place.
C GRADE- had a good group of 5 riders all equal on pace and form. Dennis Robinson, Ruth Strout, Terry Bond, Peter Weston and Angelo Ylia all rode well for their 30 minute race time with all riders taking their turns. With Robinson having won the past two races his fellow C Graders were not letting him take another win. Weston took it upon himself to box Robinson in. With nowhere to go Robinson could only watch as Bond took the win. Robinson was able to get out and take second place with fast finishing Strout rounding out the C grade podium. Fourth went to Peter Weston with Angelo Ylia coming in to take out fifth place.
D GRADE- With some returning riders in D Grade the winner was going to be difficult to pick. Gordon "Pom" Lawton was away first. Young Guns Tyler Stevens and Josh Ridley were away next with Sue Lahainer and Brayden Rasheed set away last. All riders grouped up within the first lap. All riders worked well together for their 25 minute race. Brayden Rasheed was too strong for his fellow competitors. Sue Lahainer was able to keep Tyler Stevens at bay for second place with Stevens claiming third. Next to finish was Josh Ridley with "Pom" Lawton coming in for fifth place.



A Grade

  1st Matthew Benson (Handicapped 2 mins)

 2nd  Sequioa Frahn

 3rd  Lee Stevens

 4th   Ken Ridley

5th   Colby Jachmann

B Grade

 1st Gordon Pipe

 2nd Clayton Bond

 3rd Lee Rasheed

C Grade

1st Terry Bond

 2nd Dennis Robinson

 3rd Ruth Strout

 4th Peter Weston

 5th Angelo Ylia

D Grade

1st Braydon Rasheed

 2nd Sue Lahainer

 3rd Tyler Stevens (2 min Handicap)

 4th Josh Ridley (2 min Handicap)

 5th Gordon Lawton (2½ min Handicap)