Lyrup Scratch Hilltop Finish
17th Jan, 2016

Sunday the 17th of January saw the Riverland Cycling Club host a handicap race around the Lyrup Heights circuit. The race was divided into 4 handicap groups.
First away and with the furthest distance to race was Matthew Benson. Next group to set off was Peter Weston, Dennis Robinson, Glenn O’Brien, Clayton Bond and Terry Bond with a 5 minute wait after Benson. Third group to leave with an 11 minute handicap were the dynamic duo of Ken Ridley and Peter Burr. Last away was the pairing of Lee Stevens and Steve Jaensch at 15 minutes. With the last three groups completing 4 laps of the 11km race circuit, Matthew Benson was required to complete 5 laps.
Peter Burr and Glenn O’Brien were the early casualties of their respective groups, both getting dropped on the first lap. All remaining riders rode strong with ever increasing winds coupled with one of the hilliest circuits in the region. Early on the third lap Jaensch and Stevens made the junction to Ken Ridley who had been riding solo for two laps. The trio picked up the pace to hold off the chasing Benson and catch the remaining riders in front. With ¾ of a lap remaining the trio of Stevens, Jaensch and Ridley bridged the gap to Robinson, Weston, Clayton Bond and Terry Bond. All riders rode strong towards the finish line. Weston and Terry Bond succumbed to the pace but young Clayton Bond and Robinson were able to stick with the faster riders. 
In the uphill sprint for the finish Stevens took the win from Ridley with Jaensch rounding out the podium

1st Lee Stevens
2nd Ken Ridley
3rd Steve Jaensch
4th Clayton Bond
5th Dennis Robinson
6th Matthew Benson
7th Peter Weston
8th Terry Bond
9th Peter Burr
DNF Glen O'Brien