Tour of The Riverland
4th May, 2019
Saturday Handicap Barry Skinner Classic

1st Riverlander  Lee Stevens      Finished 50th          time 2hrs 9' 50" Tom Perry Memorial  
2nd       "            Clint Bambrick                 57th           FT   2hrs 5' 19"  Bob Fischer Memorial
3rd                      Ken Ridley                      69
4th                      Sequioa Frahn                78
5th                      Greg Ormay                   105
dns                     Lee Rasheed

Tyler Stevens  4th in the Junior handicap

 Sunday Scratch Races
   C Grade
1st Clint Bambrick
9th Lee Stevens
    D Grade
5th Lee Rasheed
9th Jed Lambert
11 Ken Ridley
     Scott Hardwick  Punctured

Tyler Stevens rode in B Grade Juniors